Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Frank Zappa for President

Frank Zappa for President
With two unreleased synclavier pieces taking up half the album is wonderful...keep them coming! The remix of "Brown Shoes..." is interesting and more dynamic. Two live cuts from the '88 touring band...also excellent! Frank speaking about how he would run for office over synclavier music..a gem! Finally...Napoleon Murphy Brock singing over "Amnerika"...Yowza! This a full length album (not an e.p.) for next to no $$ to spend...Excellent record all around! Thank you!

Latest Zappa Family Trust release..Joe Travers does a great job finding nice little Zappa nuggets to think on during this election year..If Only Frank were here to trump them all.. This would have been his year ...Either way we hear Frank during an interview (Frank's been gone 22 years ) speaking on elections and it's as if it's today's world..Always So far ahead of the best of us ..This is worth a listen just to hear Frank Zappa Speak..Plus alternate versions of some of his politically motivated songs.Fairly priced For all listeners who like great music , laughing ,thinking ,learning ........

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